Dental Chairs

The company supply various dental equipments, materials and laboratory products to clinics & laboratories. Of all dental equipments, dental chair is one important equipment that allows dentists to easily examine the patient. The hydraulic dental chair offered by us is stylish, compact, comfortable chair, and available in various sizes, capacities and additional features. This kind of chair has additional equipments attached and features, such as: X-ray film viewer with white light Pneumatic vacuum suction with high & low capacity system Adjustable dental stool Hand piece connector Operation lamp Automatic cup filler Integrated glass or ceramic spittoon Three point airotor control box Movable assistant device Built in water purified system 24 Volt D.C noiseless motor Vertical & Horizontally movable instrument arms Multifunctional Foot control You can order hydraulically operated dental chair in any number. We have the ability to deliver the order in minimum time. Install this chair in your clinic and conveniently examine your patients and carry out various dental tasks, without making your patients sit uncomfortably.